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Jill Larson Actress

I learned and grew as an actress when I played opposite James in The Seagull in New York, he is sensational! I have since worked with him as a teacher privately. His combination of acting technique and dream-visioning is a unique and deeply affecting experience. I am convinced I got my last job as a result of his coaching. He brings out the gold in an actor!

Antoinette LaVecchia Writer, Director and Actress

James Hallett has provided me with endless support and insightful guidance through his brilliant dream imagery work allowing me to move forward in my life in a positive and fulfilling way. His work has opened up my imagination in ways that I could never have foreseen; he effortlessly guides me through my own creative imagination, and creates a space allowing me to see the genius within myself… He always works from a positive, effortless and loving place which makes the work feel safe and grounded. I count James as one of my spiritual teachers/guides in this lifetime. He is a true healer and a true heart.

Helen Abell Actress

My work with James was very beneficial to my career and my personal life, as I believe the two are interconnected. The more you work on the stuff on the inside, the more you see changes on the outside. The imagery James creates in his exercises and meditations are not only powerful and poignant, but enduring as well. In a career that can be chaotic, lonely, exhilarating, scary, & any of the other hundreds of other emotions us actors feel on a daily basis, I found James’s imagery work helps to bring me back to a calm, neutral, and rational place of being where I can really focus on the next step in my career or in my life. I am so grateful for James Hallett.

Sarah Nealis Actress

James' help is invaluable. After working with him for just two sessions, I booked my first role on a major network TV show. He deepens my understanding of and respect for my instrument, and unfailingly brings out my best work. I am so thankful to have connected with him.

Desireé Alvarez

Artist and Poet

James Hallett is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever known. He has helped me over the past three years to mine and refine the dialogue between sleep and activity. As a visual artist and writer I can fluidly tap into my dream world for guidance, imagery and freedom from the conventions of conscious thought.

Nikki Berger Martinez Actress and Performance Artist

In my twenty years of professional actor training from conservatory education at Carnegie Mellon and Yale to the groundbreaking work of the SITI Co. and The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards, I have encountered nothing that compares to the practical and mystical wisdom that James Hallett has to offer. His teachings are simple, soulful and innovative. The guidance he provides gives insight from the simplest commercial audition to the most complicated passages in Shakespeare. If you are an actor looking to improve your craft or seeking to be reinvigorated by a revolution of spirit this work is for you.

Roey Hodes Actor

My experience with James Hallett was inspiring. James knows how to take your potential and make magic with it. In his work James gives you the feeling you are accepted and welcome to be all you can be. James gave me belief. It was hard for me to say ‘I can’ and with James I learned to do so. James saw my fears and taught me how to let go of them. James taught me how to open my self and receive how to imagine while I’m acting and the most important thing of all – James taught me how to have fun on stage. James as a teacher is dedicated to his work and students. In his work James gives you all he can in order to be clear and for you to have all you want to learn. James always has answers or a tool to help you get out from your difficulty as an actor. It was an honor to be James’ student. I got the most I could ever imagine from learning with this remarkable teacher.

Kathi Setzer Producer and Screenwriter

James is a source of inspiration and magic in my life. I met him in a quite difficult period of my life, where he lifted one of the secrets I couldn’t solve within minutes. Ever since we have been working together. It has come so far, that through his endless support and insightful guidance with his brilliant dream imagery work he has become a personal business coach to me, helping me to decide which way to go, approaching the topic from the creative side. Fantastic! This already helped a couple of times, where difficult decisions had to be made. He is truly great. I am so glad to have James as a teacher, spiritual guide and as a friend in my life. Thank you!

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About James Hallett

James Hallett is a working actor who understands what it's like to live the life of a film, TV and stage professional. He earned his MFA in Acting from the world-renowned Yale School of Drama.

As well as continuing with his own professional acting career, James has led international workshops, and taught or directed at a variety of professional programs including Stella Adler Studio, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and Ramapo College.

James works as an on set coach for international film stars, leads an on-camera studio class in NYC and coaches professional actors in Los Angeles, NYC, and around the world.

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